Manastash took its first breath in the vast wilderness of Seattle, one of the largest cities in the northwest America, in the summer of 1993.  The coniferous forest that exists from the beginning of time, trout that runs through the river, the road which does not exist on the map…  Outdoor activities are part of life for the people in Seattle and they have a high conscious to learn and coexist with the nature.  It may not be the coincidence that Manastash was born in Seattle.


Hemp is known for its characteristics to absorb moisture and to release heat, as well as for its natural infection-fighting properties. Pores of the fabrics are highly-oxygenated and this avoids the bacteria to inhabit in it, which explains why hemp is significantly antibacterial. It also has the UV resistant quality and protects the wearer from the sun. While the ratio of UV resistance is 30 to 90% for standard cotton, it is more than 99% for hemp and proves that it has a profound effect on UV. Its characteristics of a comfortable feel, high ability to absorb moisture and perspiration while being exceptionally durable and strong, make this fabric perfect for outdoor sports such as ski, trek, and mountain bike, as well as for outdoor events and camping in summer. The value of Manastash lies in offering the top quality of Hemp.


The philosophy of Manastash is to “use eco-friendly fabrics, while creating functional outdoor clothings”. Hemp is a recyclable resource and is considered as a high-yield crop that does not use pesticides or other chemicals for it has no known insect enemies and can withstand the bad weather conditions. Thus, it is widely known as “a significantly ecological fabric that is friendly to earth” from its characteristic to preserve the forests and its ability to remove toxins from the drinking water. Manufacturing products that walks hand-in-hand with the nature is what Manastash will continue to do.


Manastash is loved by many young people for its comfortable-to-wear clothing in natural fabrics, such as hemp and in the fashionable style that goes out of the conventional limit of what outdoor clothing can offer. It takes the lead in green action by using recycled plastics in the garments made with nylons and fleeces as much as possible. Trying to coexist and enjoy what the Mother Earth has to offer, without having to cause destruction... Clothing of Manastash gets the subtle but most definite messages across to all the nature-loving people.